Sunray Led
Skier Sunray 20w / 4000K LED Track Light (Black)
Skier Sunray 20w / 4000K LED Track Light (Black)
  • They are small professional fresnel lights. 
  • CRI 98 / 5600˚K
  • Focusing light with smooth fading edge. 
  • Adjustable lighting angle from 15-60 degree. 
  • It can be used as key light、fill light or backlight for portrait shooting.
  • It s suitable for art museum、gallery、exhibition、department store、private collection. 
  • Compatible with L-2-Wire Single Circuit Track System. (110V-240V)
USD $ 60
was $ 75

Adjustable Lighting Direction - The light heads of the accent light are rotatable, they can slide left to right and rotate 335°, you can use it to light up any area, perfect for painting, picture, art, kitchen counter, cabinet, gallery, closet, etc.