Skier Black Cage Plus




Blackcage for Blackmagic pocket was sold out within a month since Skier launched it in October.

We are launching the upgrade version - Black Cage Plus with improved sturdiness and better features.


Unlike other cages with limitation, Skier Blackcage Plus, not only allow you to operate all camera functions freely,  one screw fast assembling, but also compatable with all 15mm rod system. Which can be easily modified to fit any shooting style, and accessories needs.

The new accessory , HDMI cable holder, prevent the cable from drop off. You can buy the HDMI cable holder separately if you already bought our Black Cage.

Quality of product is still our main focus. The surface of the product made by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) makes the cage look nice and can be handled more smoothly.

Skier is dedicated to become the trustworthy partner of professionals.

New and improved features:


1. Dark wooden handle and matte black body is more comfortable to handle and avoid the possible reflection during shooting.



2. Fit Groove for BMPCC bottom enable single screw to grip the body completely in position with no shaking.



3. Enlarged Record button space offer smooth operating.



4.New design HDMI holder ensures stable transmission of images and extend the life of Hdmi cable.



And you still can change the battery easily.

Click to buy: http://goo.gl/xLXAvA