2012 Inter Bee report

2012 Inter Bee was end November 16th, SKIER's retailer in Japan:プロ機材ドットコム(Prokizai) exhibited all SKIER new products included Pocket Crane, Acting Cam I, III, LX Slider series and the new Solicage series rigs. SKIER large expandable features attracted many photographers tried on and made order.


Here are some of our most popular products at Inter bee as below




1.AAA465K SKIER Action Jib 200

SKIER Action Jib 200 is lightweight and easy portable to anywhere with its carry bag. It can lock on your own fluid head and control the angle of camera via fluid head directly. SKIER Action Jib 200 have 2 different length (0.9m, 2m)for using. It can use in narrow space easily, especially in Japan.








2.SKIER Acting Cam


SKIER Acting Cam can load about 2kg and very easy to adjust the balance that you just need to change the position of camera and swing the tail. Our customer put him iphone 4s on SKIER Acting cam, it worked smooth.




3.SKIER Acting cam III


The most people loved Acting cam III are because it have easy adjust knobs for balance and extendable tube for different weight of camera.




4.SKIER Solicage: BalanTop

Balan Top is one of SKIER Solicage series rig, it remain the most important elements and reduce some other you don't need.



Some other you might interesting!











It is really thanks for our retailer :プロ機材ドットコム(Prokizai) to help us to show our products at Inter bee, if you guys have any question and want to check our products in Japan, welcome to visit their store (Okinawa) or Workshop (Tokyo).


Free Trade Zone 1F, Sakihara-Chisaki, Kagamizu, Naha-city, Okinawa, 901-0142, Japan

Work Shop:

Alcazar1F, 3-31-5,Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053, JAPAN