2013 NAB show


Dear all 

2013 NAB show was ending almost a week, when I came back from Vegas, lots of emails sending to my mail box, some are for how to buy our products in US, some are searching for business relationships. More are praised for our compatible and lightweight design products like O-rig and Jib.
Actually we want to thank you all who stopped by our booth during the NAB show, it is all because you gave us a chance to try and give us feedback in person. 
If you couldn't go to 2013 NAB show, allow me to introduce some of our products briefly.
Last September we started our trade show at Photokina in cologne, we brought our Action Jib (Crane), Acting Cam stabilizers, LX- series slider and O-rig to Photkina. 
This year, we brought most of our accessories to the show to let you understand how flexibility and adaptability when you buy one of our rig or you already had a rig and you want more functions.
To the Jib,  we made a device to the Action Jib to make it more easy to tight the rope and thicken the basement which connect with fluid head to make it more stable.
Another new model of crane named: zoomjib, it is the one could fold less than a meter and you don't have to buy our counterweight anymore, we made a  standard stick to fit weight lifting weights, it'll save more shipping when we send our jibs to your countries. 
Another big progress is we finally have our own matte box and hot mirror ND filter (4*4, 4*5.65)!
SKIER MB1609 Super wide angle Matte box is the one create by an additional square structure can decrease the tremble to affect the footage, and fit with standard 15mm and 19mm rods system at the same time and  include 2 of universal 360 degree rotating filter stages.
Skier Hot mirror ND filter are use the lapping optical glass to provide the best quality of image, The unique coating to decrease the reflection and diffusion, it can cut the Infrared and ultraviolet perfectly.  In the very soon future, we'll reveal our PL filter soon!
In the end I would like to special thanks to  Daniel who interviewed me at our booth.
This is our first time to Vegas and I believe it won't be the last time! Hope we can see you next year again.