Skier in action


Jimmy Wing


Jimmie Wing- Australian

Film Director/Cinematographer/Photographer.


Jimmie Wing is a professional photographer and film-mscape" premiered in Hollywood in 2009 and was semi-finalist in the international Action/Cut Short Film competition.maker. His work includes covers on various international magazines including fashion and architectural publications in Taiwan. His first short film "Wet NANA Dreamscape" premiered in Hollywood in 2009 and was semi-finalist in the international Action/Cut Short Film competition.



This is Mark Dadlani: Director & DOP


Mark Dadlani filming final scenes for Jimmie Wing's latest project "ExpatZ". 




As a relative newcomer to producing and directing films, Wing quickly discovered that even though video DSLRs are comparatively inexpensive, vital accessories such as professional rigs, dollies and follow focus, far outweigh the cost of cameras. "Camera bodies can easily be less than 5% of total equipment costs." he says. 



Below is Russ Stoddard (from LA): DOP working on music video for a UK band in Bangkok (directed by Mark Dadlani): 




Last year a friend of mine suggested I visit Kphoto in Taipei and I was totally blown away by their SKIER range, " he continued, "The world market is full of unreliable copy-cat products that are just trying to cash in on the video DSLR revolution but the staff at Kphoto are justifiably proud of their innovative equipment and they're also more than willing to listen to requirements to improve and act upon those suggestions" he says. "SKIER's follow focus is amazing" Wing declares, "I've demonstrated, lent and hired my rig to people far more experienced than I in film-making and they all agree it's a superior product compared to the most popular high-end American brand.



 "Below is LA DOP, Russ Stoddard filming a music video for a UK band in Bangkok (directed by Mark Dadlani)".




As a producer, always with budget in mind, Wing is quite satisfied with SKIER's cost effective prices and as a director he says, "I'm delighted with the performance and have earned the respect professional DOP's who know a great product when they see and use it". 






Wing is currently in post production on his latest project "ExpatZ" which also includes music by Lim Giong . It is a self critical comedy about neo-barbarian Westerners in Asia and due for release before the end of 2011. "With the introduction of video DSLR cameras we are witnessing a revolution in film-making. A generation of new independent film makers are suddenly empowered with capabilities that were previously only available to companies with multi-million dollar budgets. This is greatly aided by SKIER's inexpensive, reliable, professional equipment which is helping our dreams to become realities."  




SKIER customizable rigs are great and are consistently modified and improved to meet our requirements, and any time I've needed help the staff at Kphoto have responded immediately, even when I'm thousands of miles away on set".