Sunray 160w Spot Led

Product No. AAA507

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Skier Sunray 160w Spot


Product Hightlight:

  • Full spectrum of standard color temperature light source
  • CRI(Ra) 97 / TLCI(Qa): 98 High Color Rendition
  • Brightness equivalent to about 2000W quartz lamp
  • 0-99 digital display, intuitive knob dimming
  • Volume weight only 1/10 peer spotlight
  • Support softbox with S mini mount and  barn door
  • Made in Taiwan  




Only 1/10 volume weight of traditional tungsten light, not only to provide the highest brightness, but also using mini-s mount can installation of a many accessories, softbox, reflective umbrella, snoot, barn door etc., so whether live stream, high speed photography, 4K video, micro movie, product, food, portrait can be competent.


All-metal body with superior anti-collision capability. Skier sunray can work for a long time according to fan speed adjustment the internal temperature.


Skier Sunray 160 SPOT LED, Max consume watt 160, it’s the Smallest, the Brightest and the most efficient COB light in same level products. SPOT 160 has 35000 lux at 1 meter and 456 lux at 9 meter. It’s powerful than Aputure 300D(300w) which has 10000 lux at 1 meter. The central lux even powerful than Arri L7-C(300w). Aluminum Metal case, Tough and Durable. Effective exhaust design with quiet fans for long term using. Made in Taiwan. 






Minimalist control panel, the knob for the top knob is brightness adjustment and the bottom is power switch, so you can operate with touch in the dark.


The world's leading high-density integrated COB technology in Taiwan, small and uniform circular light area, high thermal conductivity of the base plate, and instantly export the heat to extend LED life,overcome LED lights color shift defect. Designed for camcorder designed COB / LED light source to provide a standard color temperature, no flicker, no color cast. 




Protect wire connector. Avoided wire off.

Barn door and grid including. Shaping the beam to isolate talent and set elements. Quick release design.



2 Pin Pair Waterproof Aviation Cable Connector. IP68.

Muti-Certificates Adapter. Safety First.




1/4 screw hole on bottom. Suitable for tripods, magic arm and clamp.

Efficient High Density COB makes shadow edge sharper. Fresnel Lens gather light for long

distance lighting.  






Inner bag design, easy for packing and classification. 



Company Information
SKIER, brand of high quality, robust and originally designed camera and video accessories. All SKIER products are designed, manufactured and assembled in TAIWAN (genuine MIT). SKIER products are designed with ease of use and sturdy in mind. Products can be assembled and adjusted flexibility according to environment and photographer's need.
SKIER product lines covers all kind DSLR rigs, Stabilizers, Slide Dollies, Tracking dollies, Follow Focus, View Finders and Cranes. The strict high standard started with the quality of materials, applied to the precision of the connection of each parts. With no compromise to low quality, SKIER is to hold up through all kinds of shooting environment.

SKIER is dedicated to become the trustworthy partner of professionas.
1. How is the products' warranty ?
If there is any quality problem winthin 1 year, we will free to repair it. And if you received the defective one in the first time, we will exchange the new one to you and the shipping should be paid by you.
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We accepts payment via T/T, PayPal.
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Sample order is welcome and has no value request, but the total amount should be at least US $5000 for the following bulk orders.
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We accept repair within the warranty time (one year). And if you received the defective one in the first time, we will exchange the new one to you and the shipping should be paid by you.
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15360 lm

Color Temperature

5200°K ± 100°K

Luminous Efficiency

96 (lm/w)


98 / 97

Irradiation Angle



COB chip

Weight of Body

1.6 kg


Barn Door


22 x 10.3 x 9.5 cm


AC 100-240v / DC 48v

Exposure value

1M: f/22

Testing Environments

ISO400, Shutter Speed 1/60