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Product Hightlight:

● Full spectrum of dual color temperature light source
● CRI 98 / TLCI(Qa): 98 High Color Rendition
● Color temperature: 3000°K - 5700°K
● Adjusting color temperature in full power
● Brightness equivalent to about 2000W quartz lamp
● 0-99 digital display, intuitive knob dimming
● Volume weight only 1/6 peer spotlight
● Support mounted softbox and other accessories
● Body weighs only 2.3 kg
● Made in Taiwan 


● Power output: 200W
● TLCI: ≥ 98
● CRI: ≥ 98
● Cooling Mode: Active Cooling
● Color Temperature: 3000°K - 5700°K
● AC 100-240v / DC 48v
● Size: 27 x 12.3 x13 cm
● Weight: 2.3 kg 





The world's leading high-density integrated COB technology in Taiwan, small and uniform circular light area, high thermal conductivity of the base plate, and instantly export the heat to extend LED life, overcome LED lights color shift defect. Designed for camcorder designed COB / LED light source to provide a standard color temperature, CRI up to 97, no flicker, no color cast.



Minimalist control panel, the knob for the top is adjust flood light or spot light, the right knob is brightness adjustment and the left is power switch,  so you can operate with touch in the dark.


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SKIER, brand of high quality, robust and originally designed camera and video accessories. All SKIER products are designed, manufactured and assembled in TAIWAN (genuine MIT). SKIER products are designed with ease of use and sturdy in mind. Products can be assembled and adjusted flexibility according to environment and photographer's need.

SKIER product lines covers all kind DSLR rigs, Stabilizers, Slide Dollies, Tracking dollies, Follow Focus, View Finders and Cranes. The strict high standard started with the quality of materials, applied to the precision of the connection of each parts. With no compromise to low quality, SKIER is to hold up through all kinds of shooting environment.

SKIER is dedicated to become the trustworthy partner of professionas.
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19200 lm
Color Temperature
3000°K -5700°K
Luminous Efficiency
96 (lm/w)
98 / 98
Irradiation Angle
COB chip
2.3 kg
27 x 12.3 x13 cm
AC 100-240v / DC 48v
Exposure value
 1M: f/8
Testing Environments
 ISO400, Shutter Speed 1/60

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