LX-650 Slider

Product No. AAA4971

Price: $320 USD







High quality  stainless steel that make strength and sleek coexist, also provide the smooth movement footage.


Compact design which is easy to carry around.



When you fixed LX-650 Slider on ball head, it can transform your horizontal footage to vertical in no time.


We made slider ultra-thin base plate is only 1.5cm and compatible with Arca-swiss type quick release or ball head, therefore you can fix the slider directly without any equipment. There are 1/4" and 3/8" screw attachment type on the bottom of slider, to attach tripod or light stand.




Come with bubble level to make the set up more accurate. You could use the slider on the floor with the foldable stand, no need any additional fix stand.



  • Size : 65*4*5 (L*W*H, cm)

  • Length of rail : 53.5cm

  • Platform : 6.5cm

  • Weight : 1.9kg

  • Carry bag included

Plus Goods Purchased