ZoomJib 150

Product No. AAA4610B

Price: $588 USD






(This picture is demo, the product not including camera and tripod)



Skier Zoomjib 150 is 100% CNC machined, specially designed to help the production with less crews, less equipment, quick setup, compact and easy to operation. 


Tube diameter 4cm, max payload 4kg, high strength steel material can fits from DSLR to the professional camcorder.



Zoomjib 150 can be operated by one person who can operate the jib and camera tilt at same time. Incredible portable size - folded length 1 m and only 4.2 kg, just pick up the bag then you're ready to go for the shooting.



Unlike other heavy crane, Zoomjib 150 can shorten the length to fit it in the small working space and extended as you needed.


This quick release system can fit in most major brand such as Manfrotto, and Arca Swiss,and etc.The width can be sdjusted according to your plate width.






The L shape platform - this design provides quick release off the tripod.









By adjusting the cable, the user can quickly adjust the lenth of the extension arm, which made the set up much faster.




With Zoomjib 150, you can shooting every angles of footage without limits.


Can combine with D3A 3m dolly for the dramatic shots.



Zoomjib 150 use 28mm weight support bar to be compatible with most cheap dumbbell plates(not inclded)






Front arm:83-140Cm

Rear arm:11-90cm

Total length:94-230cm

Folded length:1m

Load Capacity:4kg

Come with carry bag

*Not including counterweight

Plus Goods Purchased